kitchen & renovation concepts

The simplest way to begin a budget reno is paint. Instantly lighten up a gloomy, tired space by giving the walls, ceiling, door and window frames a couple of coats of a bright, neutral colour or white. Touring through the umpteenth home on our Realtor’s list during our recent home shopping experience, I walked into the kitchen of one home and just as quickly walked back out. If your kitchen layout is already serving you well, focus on upgrading appliances, cabinetry, and finishings rather than rearranging everything. Moving appliances around means you’ll need to hire electricians and plumbers for rewiring and plumbing jobs, which will increase costs. This is awesome! I#8217;ve been wanting to make updates to my kitchen for years, but have never had the budget to do it! I love how simple these updates are, but they can make it how much to spend on kitchen remodel look like you made big updates and remodeled the kitchen. I will definitely be using several of these! Thanks for sharing!